Vinyl dog agility jump with rubber flexible jump cups for safety
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We are very excited to introduce our newest tripod single jump comprised of              Ultra-lightweight UV Stabilized Vinyl!  Jumps are used at all levels of dog agility training and our vinyl single jumps are perfect for setting up sequences, serpentines, and pinwheels.  Our vinyl jumps have reinforced UV plastic connections which allow for easy assembly.  Each jump also has our new flexible rubber jump cups for safety.


  • UV plastic connectors
  • Ultra-Lightweight UV Stabilized Vinyl single jump weights less than 3 lbs!
  • Adjustable jump heights
  • Feet provide stability on uneven surfaces
  • Available in White Vinyl
  • New flexible rubber, numbered jump cups
  • Includes PVC jump bar


Vinyl Tripod Single Jump

Price: $76.70
4 or more: $74.34 each
8 or more: $71.98 each
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