Teeters, See Saws, Travel Planks

 Teeters and See Saws are made with either AKC (42 inch) or USDAA (36 inch) contact zones

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Dog agility teeter or see saw with AKC or USDAA contact zones TipAssisT teeter training aid

Adjustable Teeter with free shipping!

TipAssist, a revolutionary training aid for the teeter.  Helps to improve speed, confidence an independence.

Teeter Stand Travel Plank used to practice contacts, or to introduce teeter motion, or as a ramp.
Teeter StandTravel Plank/Pet Travel Ramp

Make your own teeter!  Just add a plank to our aluminum teeter stand.  The telescoping stabilizer bar adjusts for heights. Comes with bracket to fit to planks.

The Emmco Sport Travel Plank is 4 foot long and 1 foot wide, constructed of aluminum with a rubber surface. It also works as a tippy board.