Dog agility teeter or see saw with AKC or USDAA contact zones
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The teeter,or see saw, is the only moving piece of dog agility equipment and presents unique challenges to agility teams.  If the teeter does not pivot easily, smaller dogs must go out further to get the plank moving, resulting in a free fall ride to the ground.  If the teeter plank is not rigid it will flex when the plank hits the ground creating a whip action that can catapult the dog off the end of the plank.  The Emmco Sport teeter is designed not to flex and to easily tip at the fulcrum.  Our teeter is unique in that we use ball bearings at the pivot point.  The bearings mean that the teeter tips easily and smoothly for small and large dogs.

  • 12' plank with adjustable height teeter
  • ball bearings for smooth and easy tip
  • aluminum construction
  • rubberized surface
  • powdercoat finish on the base
  • plank is available with a powdercoat finish in red or blue
  • AKC or USDAA contact zones

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