Peanut Ball Holder
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The best Peanut Ball Holder, patent pending, used for Dog Fitness and Canine Rehabilitation.

The peanut ball is a peanut-shaped ball designed for canine fitness and core conditioning. It is used for core conditioning of sporting and working dogs and for canine rehabilitation/therapy. It can be challenging to keep the ball in position and assist and manage the activity of a dog as the ball is used. So we have developed the Peanut Ball Holder to aid in this process and focus more attention on the exercise and the dog and less on the human working to hold the ball in place as it is being used. 

It adjusts very easily and quickly plus is designed to hold all sizes of the peanut balls.  It’s light and easy to move around, and fits under the DogTread Treadmill nicely for treadmill tricks.

The Peanut Holder is made of strong, durable but light weight aluminum and is easy to move and handle. It has stationary uprights that help secure the ball in place and adjustable uprights to accommodate the various size balls. The uprights are plugged for added safety and the adjustable uprights glide in a channel and are secured with knobs to hold the ball in position. The balance of the structure is finished with rubber plugs to reduce movement. Includes strap to secure peanut to holder.  Peanut Ball is not included. Manufactured in the USA patent pending.

Peanut Ball Holder

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