AKC double jump with wings. Wings fold in for transport and storage.
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This jump has everything you might want in a double jump and is a great value!  Do the comparison and you will find no one offers all of these features.  

Of course it meets AKC specifications for a dog agility double jump.  

Hinged wings are included.  Easy to store and move as the wings fold into jump. Other jumps do not include wings or charge extra.

Aluminum construction with plastic jump cups. Aluminum is easier to handle than a steel jump and it will not rust.

Powdercoat finish in choice of colors.  Other jumps are unfinished or use the powdercoat to protect the steel.

Includes 4 PVC jump bars 5 foot long.


See video of the double jump by selecting the PRODUCT VIDEOS from our HOME PAGE  or go to http://emmcosport.com/Product_videos.php

Double Jump with Wings

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