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Dog Agility A frame available with or without climbing slats. AKC, USDAA, NADAC, CPE, TDAA Dog agility teeter or see saw with AKC or USDAA contact zones

Aluminum AFrame with free shipping/delivery

Adjustable Teeter with free shipping!

Beginner II Set One person can adjust dog walk to training heights
Beginner II SetDog Walk

Save $$$! Build your set of agility equipment with our Beginner II Set. Three jumps, teeter, and a TipAssist teeter training aid with instructional DVD.

Dog Walk with adjustable height and Free Shipping/Delivery


Peanut Ball Holder Beginner Contact Set
Peanut Ball HolderBeginner Contact Set

The adjustable Peanut Ball Holder as used by Robby Porter of Its Possible

Save $$$ with our Beginner Contact Set. The set includes a regulation teeter/seesaw, and a contact trainer. The contact trainer has the contact zone of the A Frame on one side and the Dog Walk on the other.

Beginner I Set Starter Set
Beginner I SetStarter Set

Save $$$ Build your set of agility equipment with our Beginner I Set. Three jumps, 2x2 weave poles, and a travel plank.

Get started in dog agility with our economical starter set. Configure the jumps to create sequences, pinwheels, or box excersises. Introduce contact equipment with the travel plank.