We offer innovative products to assist in training.  We have worked with trainers to develop these products. Trainers can contact us to design and build custom training aids at 336-391-7008 or via email at

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Peanut Ball Holder Travel Plank used to practice contacts, or to introduce teeter motion, or as a ramp.
Peanut Ball HolderTravel Plank/Pet Travel Ramp

The adjustable Peanut Ball Holder as used by Robby Porter of Its Possible

The Emmco Sport Travel Plank is 4 foot long and 1 foot wide, constructed of aluminum with a rubber surface. It also works as a tippy board.

TipAssisT teeter training aid Aluminum 2x2 weave poles with anti-slip tape
TipAssistAluminum 2x2 Weaves

TipAssist, a revolutionary training aid for the teeter.  Helps to improve speed, confidence an independence.

Aluminum 2x2 Weave poles

Mini A Frame Contact Trainer
Mini A FrameContact Trainer

All aluminum mini A Frame with a rubber surface and free shipping

All aluminum contact trainer with a rubber surface. One side is a Dogwalk ramp the other an A frame side.  Free Shipping of this item.